Defy Colorado strives to support our EITs upon release by helping them reach their own goals. Every EIT’s number one goal? Find a job! Our EITs report that obtaining employment is the first building block on their journey to personal achievement as it is essential to have employment before one can secure independent housing, obtain basic personal supplies, or maintain a healthy social life. Since the need for employment is so immediate, we follow an ABC model to get our EITs on their feet quickly.

Any job. Better job. Career development.

This model works. 84% of EITs enrolled in post-release are currently employed and most of them obtained employment within the first two weeks of release. To put this in perspective, the typical unemployment rate of people with criminal histories is 27%.

Our EITs “any job” is typically the type of employment that does not require special certifications or previous work experience. It’s a job our EITs hope to do temporarily as a way to break back into the job market, our EITs know, “it’s always easier to find a job when you have a job”.

The “better job” is designed to get our EITs moving in the direction of their desired career field. For example, if they want to eventually own and operate their own food truck their “better job” would ideally be in the culinary field.

Finally, we seek to help our EITs develop the career they have always dreamed of. Some people dream of starting their own business but most of our EITs hope to become an intrapreneur working for an awesome company!

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