We have a ton of volunteer opportunities — everything from in-prison to in the community! In-prison volunteer opportunities include coaching our EITs at our milestone events, volunteering to assist in classroom sessions and hosting workshops in order to provide our EITs with additional content. We are also looking for volunteers to mentor our post-release EITs and provide workshops in the community as well. Learn more about specific mentor and coaching roles.

Our Volunteers

We call them volunteers, but in reality, these mentors, business and community leaders, friends and family members are really the secret sauce at Defy. Thanks to them, we are able to leverage substantial legal, business and finance, marketing and PR, logistical and operational experience and expertise for the benefit of our program. And with more than 400 volunteers who have joined us for coaching and mentoring our Entrepreneurs in Training (EITs), we’re just getting started! If you think you have what it takes, click here to learn more!
In-person interactions with our volunteers provides our EITs with hope and increased self confidence, supporting them to “transform their hustle” and successfully re-enter the community upon release. But we often hear that our volunteers receive a lot more than they give. Defy Colorado volunteers experience tremendous growth as they develop empathy for an overlooked and stigmatized population. Perhaps best of all, they often become advocates who help shift societal perceptions to build stronger communities and open doors to future opportunities. You can read their testimonials here!

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Hire An EIT

Support a Defy Graduate! Through Defy Colorado’s rigorous entrepreneurship, sales, and management training, we have a cadre of motivated, high-performing, reliable, personally accountable, teachable, enthusiastic and charismatic prospective employees. If you are interested in hiring a Defy Colorado EIT for positions at your company, email info@defycolorado.org. Your time and expertise! Reach out to us here to volunteer.


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