Cassidy Ceresa has been volunteering with Defy Ventures Colorado since our inception. As a successful entrepreneur running her own lifestyle business since 2015, Cassidy has been featured by the Oprah Winfrey show, Voyage Denver, and 303 Magazine. Cassidy recently sat down with Defy CO’s Executive Director, Stacey Putka, and a Defy CO Entrepreneur-in-Training, Joy Carbary to interview them on her podcast. Happy listening!

Cassidy also partnered with Haven Candle Co. to create their new candle, “Second Chances”. Haven Candle Co. has agreed to donate all of their proceeds for the month of September 2020 to Defy CO. If you are reading this on September 30th, 2020 make sure you get your candle before it’s too late. Click here to purchase now!

Podcass by Cassidy Ceresa

“Second Chances with Defy Colorado”

  • Part One with Executive Director Stacey Putka
    In today’s episode Cassidy recounts her experience volunteering in prison with Defy Colorado, a non-profit organization that believes that after people serve their time, they’ve repaid their debt to society and should be given the chance to start fresh. Defy’s entrepreneurial programs enable one of America’s largest forgotten communities to defy the odds. Defy equips them with new skills, new connections, and a new belief to match their new purpose, and succeed in their new life of economic independence.
    The second half of today’s episode in this two-part series is with Stacey Putka, Executive Director of Defy Colorado. She sits down with Cassidy to discuss the realities of working within our prison system and what you can do to help.
  • Part Two with Joy Carberry
    In part two of the two-part series with Defy Colorado, Cassidy sits down with Joy Carbury. Joy was incarcerated and participated in Defy’s entrepreneurial program, CEO of Your New Life. She won the business pitch competition and is now thriving in our community. Her second chance hasn’t been easy, but she shares her story in hopes that she can help change someone else’s life.