Corporate Partners

Defy Colorado is actively seeking corporate partnerships. These sponsors will enable Defy to deliver new curriculum to the men and women working for current and future success. These partnerships take on many forms, however, the most needed are the following:

1) Corporate Scholarships for EIT’s participating in the Defy Training in the form of monetary donations or grant.

2) Donations of technology, applications and education resources including mentorship and subject matter experts to teach future EIT’s.

3) Opportunities for employment or internships with Corporate partners. Our EIT’s seek to reintegrate into society upon release. We are seeking corporate partners that are open to working with our EIT’s and upon successful completion offer opportunities for employment or internships upon release.

To learn more about our corporate partnership opportunity or to join our partnership program email and request more information


Defy Colorado currently has an active network of over 300 partners and volunteers


Education Partners

You’ve heard the story “Give a man a fish…” Defy Colorado is an advocate of “teaching our EIT’s to fish”. We need the support of teachers, instructors, and institutions of both vocational and business based education. Defy Colorado has partnered with Colorado State University to offer our graduating EIT’s certificates from the CSU School of Business Institute for Entrepreneurship.


That was the first step of many more. We are actively seeking partnerships with Colleges, Community organizations, and professional certification programs to offer advance training and education for our EIT’s. We believe that learning is a life journey. If we can be guides in providing men and women from diverse and challenged backgrounds the new tools and knowledge we invest in our future, today! We take those in society that may lack specific skills and provide them discipline and character development that can be used to build a business of their own or become apart of a successful business upon release. By building an education partnership with Defy you are creating new opportunities today for tomorrow.

To learn more and become an education partner with Defy Colorado today, contact and we will set a time to speak about opportunities to engage.