Community Partners

The mission of Defy is rebuild our EIT’s by providing access to education, mentors, and proven methods to reintegrate into society. The skills that our EIT’s learn are built on the principles and foundation of business. It takes hard work, discipline, and support to build a successful enterprise. Defy Colorado believes these same skills can build a successful person and that translates into a successful community.

Our community partners include non profit, faith based, for profit, and in-kind partners. We are open to working with landlords for housing, auto dealerships, credit based companies, and staffing companies. We believe if we can provide access to community partners that understand the value our EIT’s offer and the commitment they have made to succeed in our community they have a greater success upon reintegration in society and enables our communities to be safer and better for all.

To learn more about our Community Partner programs or how you can join send an email to