You know us as Defy Ventures Colorado. Since 2017, we have been tackling the problems of mass incarceration and recidivism in Colorado. We have worked in 3 facilities within the Department of Corrections and served nearly 200 individuals. We have learned that we need to be nimble as an organization to respond to what we are seeing on the ground in our communities. We have learned that leveraging entrepreneurship as a mindset is helpful to our program participants as we support them in their career development and re-entry goals. We have learned that our community, specifically employers, need more support from us to provide fair employment opportunities to our program participants. We have learned that human connection matters the most as we seek transformation behind prison walls and in our communities. We have learned that it’s time for us to breakthrough.

That’s why we’ve chosen Breakthrough as the new name of the organization you have loved, supported, and volunteered with over the past four years. One of our people inside, Rhidale, said Breakthrough is best at, “bringing a tangible and accessible network into a place that historically doesn’t have that. One major transformation is creating greater circles of contribution; no longer limiting the scope of achievement to being someone’s laborer. Saying you can dream as much as you want to and here are the resources for you to be successful. You’re not limited because… READ MORE »