Defy Colorado Mentor & Coach Roles

Volunteer with Defy Colorado by being a mentor or coach.

How the process works:

  1. Read the mentor and coaching role descriptions below.
  2. Click the appropriate button to schedule a training session.
  3. Successfully complete scheduled training session.
  4. Mentor/Coach an Entrepreneur-in-Training.

Post-Release Mentor

Are you someone who likes to share your expertise? This is the role for you. Post-Release Mentors are called upon based on a case-by-case basis. Post-Release Mentors are connected with EITs in need of support in the mentor's area of expertise for a one-time meeting. If the majority of EITs are in need of support in a particular area a Post-Release Mentor could be asked to run a workshop for a small group.

In this role, you are committing to one session at a time, no long term or ongoing sessions are required following the session you participated in, meaning, you can select your own cadence of engagement. We do ask that once you have committed to a mentoring session or workshop you follow through on your commitment.

Post-Release Coach

Coaches have closer relationships with our EITs. A Post-Release Coach is paired with an EIT for a one-on-one growth experience. In this role, you become a sounding board and a life skills advisor to an EIT. Participants are asked to make a commitment of 4 months. In this role, you will help EITs establish learning/growth objectives based on their own individual needs at the time of coaching and support them as they identify a plan to execute. This is a highly individualized role and will differ depending on your assigned EIT and their needs.

Friends of Defy CO Slack Member

Defy Colorado has a volunteer specific Slack account that we want to invite you to join. Be the first to know when EITs have rejoined the community and help us serve them together. This is the simplest way to get engaged. Slack is used to communicate small projects our team needs help completing, this may mean requesting assistance revising resumes or asking our community if they know of job openings in their area.

Send a Note to the EITs

Our Defy Colorado community prides itself on our high-touch program model that puts interactions between EITs and communities at the center of our program delivery. For our staff and in-prison mentors, not being able to interact with our EITs has been very difficult and our EITs feel more alone and isolated than ever. In March 2020 we launched a note writing program to address these issues. YOU can write encouraging messages to our EITs by sending a note. Please make sure the notes are general to all the EITs, not one EIT specifically. Your last name, email address, and any other identifying information will be kept anonymous. Our staff will ensure that your words of encouragement are passed along to our EITs.

Send a Video Love-Bomb to the EITs

Making a Video Love-bomb

Tips for Recording
  • Please keep your recording shorter than two minutes.
  • Non-Identifiable Background.
    • If you do not have a blank background that is okay. We do want you to be aware of what your background may display about your personal life. It is best to pick an area that does not have pictures of your family members or discloses anything you would not share in class.
  • Make sure to pick a recording location where no one else will wander through.
    • Children must not appear in the video.
  • Appropriate Dress
    • Think prison wear at home.
    • Make sure your shoulders and chest are covered.
  • Use your first name only.
  • When recording on your phone, prop your phone horizontally (landscape mode) to record.
  • Your primary light source should be in front of you, not behind. A bright window behind you will create a silhouette effect, drastically darkening the appearance of your face.
  • Email video to notes@defycolorado.org or Defy's mobile number: 720.608.8459

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, words of kindness and encouragement have been much needed by all. We invite you to send a video love-bomb to our EITs. As a reminder, a love-bomb is how we at Defy Colorado deliver words of affirmation.

There may be a few EITs you know by name because you connected while in class or at an event. Although we encourage the human connection, this message has to be a general message to all EITs. We ask for your message to be addressed to all general Defy CO EITs, in order to maintain DOC standard.

Sample Messages

Hi EITs,

I feel hopeful when I remember we are part of a community that believes in us. Stay well. I look forward to the next time we can all be together. (Note: Remember, when saying a love-bomb you need to use the f-word, “I feel…” to begin your statement.)


Share a quote or poem you find inspiring

In-Prison Mentor

An In-Prison Mentor joins Defy CO staff on the inside for a class session or program event. In this role, you will be engaging with EITs through large group, small group, and one-on-one activities led by staff. During class and event sessions, Defy CO aims to cover topics such as character development, job readiness, and entrepreneurship. Due to the wide variety of topics, we like our mentors' areas of expertise to be varied as well. If you believe in second chances and want to develop meaningful and humanizing connections, let's talk.

In this role, you are committing to one session at a time, long term or ongoing sessions are required following the session you participated in, meaning you can select your own cadence of engagement. We do ask that once you do commit to a class or event session you do your best to follow through as space is limited.