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We are in the business of building restorative community both in prison and in the community and helping to rebuild family relationships

We are all ex-somethings… we believe in the power of second chances


Defy Colorado

Defy Colorado reconnects individuals with criminal histories with the greater community through powerful entrepreneurial journeys that create healing and lasting change.


In Prison

Defy has given me new skills to deal with old habits. Although, I am incarcerated today. I know I am building for my tomorrow. It is with the support of Defy, the volunteers, and my family in my life again that has given me the courage and ability to succeed.

I owe this to Defy for changing my life. 

- EIT-Fred CSP Graduate 2018


Within Communities + Families

“My name is Travis, and my brother Darrius is recent graduate of the Defy Colorado program. Over the years of incarceration, I saw my brother deal with many obstacles. Defy Colorado helped him focus and challenge his many talents towards positive steps in his life. Defy has changed the way my brother views himself and others. He is now more positive, more compassionate, and because of the help of the countless volunteers, he has a renewed self-value. This has enabled him to reconnect with his family on many levels. Defy Colorado gave me little brother back, it gave our family hope for a better tomorrow, today! I am a big supporter of all of the people that made my family and my brother whole again.”- Travis


Post Release

“My experience with Defy while I was in prison was a blessing. People I never met before came to spend time with me, listen to me and share their life with me. For me, in prison, that meant a whole lot.

Now that I'm out, the experience I'm feeling and getting is "LOVE"! Three wonderful people who still communicate with me, check up on me, proud of my accomplishments so far on parole and always a message or phone call away for any kind of help I may need. To me, that's love.”  - Dammion


Defy Colorado provides entrepreneurship training, employment readiness and personal development to currently and formerly incarcerated individuals.


When you support Defy Colorado, you are supporting transformation.

Defy Colorado was founded in 2017, and is already making a significant impact on currently and formerly incarcerated people. Working closely with the Colorado Department of Corrections, Defy Colorado has graduated over 80 Entrepreneurs in Training (EITs) in its program at Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility and Colorado State Penitentiary. New cohorts are currently operating at both facilities and our Defy Colorado Alumni program for graduated EITs who are still in prison is in full swing. Our first EITs began participating in our post release programming earlier this year. Our post-release program includes preparing the released individuals for success by connecting them with community resources, mentors and networking opportunities.Since inception over 300 community volunteers have dedicated their time and energy with Defy Colorado by coming to a class or an event.

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