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On November 13th, 2019 Griffin Moores, a Web Content Coordinator from Colorado State University, drove to Pueblo, Colorado, and walked inside a prison for the first time with Defy Colorado. Colorado State University’s Institute for Entrepreneurship provides the certificate our Entrepreneurs-in-Training receive when they graduate from our 8-month in-prison program, CEO of Your New Life. Griffin heard about CSU’s involvement with providing entrepreneurial education inside Colorado prisons and committed, on the spot, to driving 4 hours away from his home and spending two days in prison. What he captured is the essence of Defy Colorado. Griffin was completely immersed in the Defy Colorado, program, culture, and community for 48 hours as he went to LaVista Women’s correctional facility with Izzy Heep, our Program Director, and Stacey Putka, our Executive Director, as they prepared the inaugural class of graduates at LVCF for their Business Pitch Competition and Graduation Ceremony the following day. He grabbed dinner with Izzy and Stacey and learned about their personal passion for our work and then he recorded and photographed the entire 8-hour event the following day. Check out this amazing article to understand the impact Defy Colorado has on our EITs and their families.

Towering American elms surround the grass lawn of La Vista Correctional Facility’s center courtyard. Dozens of incarcerated women sit together in conversation, milling around tables and benches in the Level III women’s prison, an occasional outburst of laughter piercing the air… continue